Hands-on challenge solution for Platform Developer I Certification Maintenance (Winter ‘21)

❗❕ Note: Use the code snippet only for reference. Do not copy and paste it just for the sake of finishing the challenge.

Any suggestions on how this could be improved are welcomed. ✌

Use Netlify’s continuous-deployment features to ship our website

This piece is for someone who’s looking to set up a Jekyll + Gulp workflow with Netlify to utilize Netlify’s seamless integration with GitHub and its continuous-deployment (CD) feature.

One could always set up a Gulp workflow with Jekyll and later manually deploy it on Netlify — and there are numerous articles to help you deal with that — but manual deploys would bypass the CD, which is arguably Netlify’s best feature, allowing the deploys to be triggered by a quick git push.

What we want to achieve here is to run a Jekyll blog that’s completely optimized — all…

Chirag Paliwal

Frontend Developer | Living on the JS side of the ‘Frontend divide’

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